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Political Feminism

We believe that social justice is not possible without gender justice. Much progress has been made in the debate about gender equality in Mozambique. Today, women are in responsible positions in politics and in the economy, have better access to education and the labour market, and are thus gradually attaining financial independence.

At the same time, however, female representation in parliament does not automatically translate into gender-just policies and laws, as the long-term debate on a decent maternity leave regulation shows.

The transformation of discriminatory power structures and social norms is thus an important work line for FES Mozambique. Together with partners like Forum Mulher and Women and Law Southern Africa (WLSA) Mozambique, we are offering spaces for reflections about feminist concerns, be they the care economy, gender-based violence, or reproductive health, but also for feminist critique of the patterns of development and democracy.

On the regional level, FES Mozambique is part of a feminist reflection group that wants to rethink development and political participation in a transformative way.


01.07.2020 | News, Notícias

#EstamosJunt@s: Utilizar o Coronavírus para Abrir Portas à Juventude e para a Criação de Emprego

O pesquisadora Salimah Valiani, em Joanesburgo, imagina uma economia próspera, ao invés de uma que sofre de doenças e morte.

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26.06.2020 | Feminismo Político | News, Notícias

Diálogo Feminista: Não existe "futuro do trabalho" se não houver respeito pela natureza.

O projeto global da Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, “O Futuro é Feminista” trabalha com feministas da África, América Latina, Europa, Ásia e Oriente Médio...

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Weimer, Bernhard

Walking the Talk?

A critical perspective on sustainable peace and reconciliation in Mozambique
Maputo, 2020

Download publication (910 KB PDF-File)

Fernandes, Marianna; Manusse, Rosete

Solidarité féministe dans la résistance et la création d'alternatives à l'extractivisme

Maputo, 2020

Download publication (1,7 MB PDF-File)

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