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Peace and Security

Peace is more than the absence of war. Issues of human security, distributional justice, a political system that allows the resolution of conflicts inside the state institutions, and a democratically governed security sector are extremely important for sustainable peace and democratic stability.

Emerging from the liberation struggle and a 16-year-long civil and destabilization war, the Mozambican state still faces challenges to create confidence between political forces and in society at large, as well as reliable institutions that can successfully ‘parliamentarize’ social and political conflicts.

FES Mozambique works with academic and political actors to reflect on the challenges for a peaceful democratic society and to develop ideas for social change. Both traditional security issues, such as small arms control, and the political dimension of conflict resolution – the electoral system, decentralization of the state, domestic violence – are part of the approach.

On the regional level, we cooperate with the Southern African Security Management Network (SADSEM) in elaborating an African approach to security challenges within the region and in promoting exchange with policy makers during the annual “Maputo Dialogue”.


17.07.2019 | Notícias, News

Impacto dos Conflictos Armados na Vida das Mulheres e Raparigas em Moçambique

Estudo feito pela Associação Mulher, Lei e Desenvolvimento (MULEIDE) em parceria com a equipa de pesquisadores do Centro de Estudos Estratégicos e...

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24.06.2019 | Notícias, News

Tornando a Globalização Justa

Este foi o lema da 15ª Escola de verão (International Kassel Summer Academy - IKSA), organizado entre 16 e 21 de Junho pela FES Berlin em parceria com...

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Randriamaro, Zo

Au-delà de lʿextractivisme: Alternatives féministes pour un développement respectueux de la justice sociale et de l'égalité de genre en Afrique

Maputo, 2019

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Randriamaro, Zo

Para além do Extrativismo: Alternativas feministas para um desenvolvimento equitativo em termos sociais e de género em śfrica

Maputo, 2019

Download publication (1,6 MB PDF-File)

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