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Development and Social Justice

The discovery of major liquid gas reserves since 2010 has created high expectations for economic growth and development in Mozambique. On the one hand, the extractive sector has attracted many large multinational companies and stimulated infrastructure projects.

On the other hand, the country faces a mammoth task to develop a national framework that allows the effective augmentation of local production and the qualification of a workforce, as well as job creation, and ensures that the economic gains are channelled into public policies that serve the majority of the people.

In this context, FES Mozambique promotes continuous debate between decision makers, academics, and activists to develop ideas for a socially just and sustainable economic development. Trade unions, representing workers, are crucial in these debates. We support trade unions to counter the outsourcing and subcontracting strategies of multinational companies, e.g. via organising along the value chain.

Regionally, we collaborate with the FES Trade Union Competence Center in Johannesburg, the Global Labour University (GLU), and the Global Union Federations (GUFs) to strengthen the capacity and strategies of unions to defend workers’ rights on all levels. 


06.11.2020 | News, Notícias

Seminário Zoom: A nova Lei de Imprensa em Moçambique

“A nova Lei de Imprensa em Moçambique: Mais Liberdade e Independência para os media?”

A lei de Imprensa moçambicana, na altura reconhecida como sendo...

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26.10.2020 | News, Notícias


ACESSO A INFORMAÇÃO E SAÚDE PÚBLICA: Como garantir uma cobertura jornalística de qualidade em tempos de Covid-19?

O acesso a informação confiável tem...

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Weimer, Bernhard

Representar palavras com acções?

Uma perspectiva critíca sobre paz sustentável e reconciliação em Moçambique
Dakar-Fann, 2020

Download publication (950 KB, PDF-File)

Feijó, João

Assimetrias sociais

Pistas para entender o alastramento do jihadismo islâmico em Cabo Delgado
Dakar-Fann, 2020

Download publication (580 KB, PDF-File)

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