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Work lines of FES Maputo

Cooperation with political parties

The focus in this field of work is for the most part on cooperating with the ruling party, FRELIMO, on important national, regional and international topics to strengthen a democratic dialogue - within the party and as well with its regional and international partner parties. FRELIMO has become the most important partner of FES in the field of cooperation with political parties for historical and political reasons. FRELIMO will also remain the crucial actor in the further process of democratisation in the foreseeable future. Priorities in the cooperation with FRELIMO are: encouraging the political process and the capability of identifying, aggregating and articulating social and political interests in society while strengthening internal party democracy.

Civil society

The process of political reform and modernisation is guided and shaped by the executive to a considerable extent. One absolutely essential precondition for broadening and deepening the process of consolidating democracy, however, is participation in the formation of policy not only by Parliament and political parties, but also above all by actors of civil society. Here the focus at the operative level is placed on two aspects. First of all, the level of knowledge and ability of civil society actors to engage in discussion and dialogue are to be enhanced. Areas of concentration include fighting poverty, establishing and reforming social security systems, legal, business and media policy as well as fighting corruption. Secondly, the project offers a platform for the discussion of demands and ideas of civil society with state actors.

Cooperation with trade unions

The work area "promotion of trade unions" above all involves the strengthening of Mozambique trade unions' interest representation capacities. The focus of project work is by the same token not at the company or plant level or the area of collective bargaining, but rather empowering the trade unions to represent the interests of working people (in formal employment as well as in the informal sector) in negotiations with the government and in tripartite institutions. The areas of interest here are economic and social policy and the field of labour law. At the organisational policy level, project work first of all involves coordination between the two major trade union umbrella organisations and autonomous individual trade unions and other representative organisations (retirees, disabled persons and employees in the informal sector). Secondly, it involves the institutionalisation of greater rights for young employees to influence and have a say in the trade unions.

Security policy

A special focus of the Maputo office is on regional security policy cooperation within the framework of SADC. The objective here is to support the process of forming and elaborating an African approach to security challenges within the region. Once a year the "Maputo Dialogue", a regional forum on regional security policies is held in cooperation with its main partner, the Southern African Defence & Security Management Network (SADSEM). To prevent violent conflict by enhancing dialogue and provide information is the main goal of this initiative.

Report "Security Cooperation in Southern Africa"

Party Dialogue

Another working line, which is embedded in the FES regional work, is the dialogue of ruling parties in the region of southern Africa. Together with the FRELIMO Party School, FES Maputo hosts the regional party dialogue, taking place annually in Maputo to provide a platform for the ruling parties.