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Latest publications and studies

Mosambik - im wilden Westen der BRICS
Kritische Investitionen der Schwellenländer oder Chancen für eine wirtschaftliche Transformation?
Katharina Hofmann, Februar 2015
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Southern Africa Security Review 2013
Edited by Anthoni van Nieuwkerk and Katharina Hofmann
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Economic Transformation in Mozambique
Implications for Human Security
Katharina Hofmann; August 2013
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Workshop Report
African Approaches to Maritime Security
Johannesburg, 7th and 8th of May 2013, University of the Witwatersrand
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Ressourcenfunde in Mosambik
Reichtum für Wenige oder Weg aus der Armut?

Katharina Hofmann / Adrian de Souza Martins; August 2012

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Aims & strategies

The basic aim of our project work is to deepen and widen the process of democratisation in Mozambique. This above all means strengthening political institutions such as the national Parliament. Also the inclusion of civil society actors in ongoing reform processes is key to democratic pluralism as well as the improvement of trade union interest representation. Fostering a democratic political culture, firmly establishing the principle of rule of law and equal rights and treatment of men and women in all areas of life are integral elements of activities in all areas of our work.

This involves strengthening the political parties as the most important actors in the political process while the ruling party FRELIMO is the most important partner of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for historical and political reasons. In this cooperation the task is to deepen the debate over internal structures while reforming and strengthening the ties of these structures to civil society as well integrating societal interests in political strategies.

The project assumes that democracy must not be limited solely to formal processes, in form of elections and state institutions. Democracy presupposes the involvement of all societal groups in the political process. Cooperation with the trade unions and political actors from civil society is therefore also viewed to be an integral element of the strategy for fostering and promoting democracy.

In addition, the Maputo Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is involved with FES offices and partners in Southern Africa in regional work lines addressing regional security policy and regional party cooperation.